Nursery Classes

(0 months - 12 months)

(12 months - 2 years)

(2 years - 4 years)


The EYFS Curriculum guides the learning and teaching process and helps us to establish an optimum learning environment. We believe that to engage, achieve and make positive contributions students must be healthy, secure and safe.

The learning environment combines high standards with a rich curriculum with a variety of play-based and structured activities striking a fine balance between both teacher-led and student-initiated play. Most children play spontaneously and it is through play that they develop intellectually, creatively, physically, socially and emotionally.

Meet our
Growth Officer

To achieve this, we have an in-house developmental child psychologist, who understands the behavior of your child early on and encourages or refines him/her right from the get-go. This method also leads to brand new insights into your child’s thinking and behavior. So while they learn from playing, we learn about them.

Important Areas of Development

  • Mental Progress
  • Character Development
  • Social Enhancement
  • Physical Growth

Our Special Features

We have a dynamic attitude towards teaching where we personalize the curriculum for each student. Every student is an individual first, with his/her own strengths and capabilities. We utilize our curriculum to enhance these, giving the child individualistic and focused attention.

(0 months – 12 months)

The ‘First Steps’ is a base room created with utmost care for children who are just getting steady to set and first stand on their feet. The room has soft and safe padding for growing babies along with large equipment is available for support.

Led by our Senior Nursery Nurse, the First Steps team has been hand-picked and trained to provide the best quality care to your little ones, where the main teacher will communicate with you on a daily basis. She will observe and enhance your little ones play and learning experience, keeping you informed of all the little and big achievements along the way.

(12 months – 2 years)

In the ‘Second Steps’ base room we begin a routine that reassures little ones as they learn to recognize care patterns, such as meal and rest times. We understand that communication can be complicated at this age, so emphasis is given to visuals, action songs and rhymes to give confidence for those first words. We encourage independence, challenges, friendships and self-discovery.

At Falconcity Nursery we understand that toddlers can become extremely possessive. Using a little guidance and patience, we help them understand the question 'why', our 'Nursery' teams encourage them to take risks in a safe environment, to use their bodies and imagination, to build and create; to play; and to learn through play.

(2 years – 4 years)

Our ‘Nursery Class’ team understand the importance of comfort and reassurance, building relationships, ensuring a sense of pride and self-belief, while quietly boosting the confidence and esteem of these very sensitive little chatterboxes.

The unit base rooms are led by the 'Nursery' unit Supervisor. The Preschool teams have been chosen carefully and are well-qualified to provide quality care to your child.

Extra-curricular activities

Various extra-curricular activities are offered alongside the curriculum to support and enrich the academic, physical, social, emotional, and psychological development of children. Some of these activities include regular educational field trips, sports competitions, cultural days to celebrate the diversity of our student body.

Extra-Curricular Activities Clubs are held every Thursday afternoons along with regular and timely academic competitions such as Spelling Bee Competition, Math Competition, Quran Memorization Competition, and Science Fair etc. Other than that, we will have plenty of activities that cater to students' aesthetic development such as Art Fair, Cooking Competitions etc.